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If you know who I am, you’ve probably followed my work as a journalist covering the B2B marketing space. Crain’s BtoB magazine was my first longtime gig after I got my masters from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. After Crain, I shaped the editorial vision for a newly launched digital-only publication, FierceCMO, which grew to a strong 20,000 by the time I left two years later. The next natural step in my career was leading the US digital expansion for the UK’s leading digital media resource, B2B Marketing.

Then I struck out on my own. To my delight, my skills as a journalist were highly prized by brands and marketing services agencies. And, it turns out, that I picked up a thing or two in all that time I spent covering B2B marketing since my beats covered everything from marketing technology, data and analytics, to content, email, social and events.

So that has apparently made me a unicorn — someone with business and marketing know-how as well as solid journalistic chops. My work these days as a digital storyteller tends to focus on helping brands boost their content strategy, as well as generating content for them like white papers, ebooks, case studies, press releases, email and social campaigns, and more.

I’ve also started merging a long-time coverage of racial and gender diversity and inclusion in the marketing industry with my content strategy work. Recently, I gave an Innovation Talk at Content Marketing Institute’s CM World, “Is Diversity Really Important for Content Marketing Success,” which I will share with you in a new blog post soon. Spoiler alert: diversity is vitally important and my life experience coupled with diligent research has given me a unique perspective on how to handle the many opportunities that arise from choosing inclusiveness/diversity as a key aspect of your core business strategy.

Finally, the more that I work with clients, the more I wished I could help them with some basic content tips and tricks so that our time together was spent more efficiently. And it is with that end — lucky you! — that I’ve decided to launch a blog providing content marketers with strategic and operational advice on topics ranging from how to create an editorial calendar to maintaining a full pipeline of ideas. I will also explore how to create inclusive content for a diverse audience. If there are any areas you want to see me investigate, let me know in the comments.

As a little teaser, I’ve already posted 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Content Plan as my first blog post. Enjoy and more to come soon! –Tequia

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